Welcome to Eco-Power

The Eco-Power emissions reduction system is probably the best system available for London Taxis. It is by far the easiest to fit, it is the least expensive to fit and it is the simplest system on the market with very little to go wrong.

A number of London Taxi Garages (Camden, Mister Taxi and White City Transmissions) were consulted during the design and development process. This feedback was extremely useful and enabled us to make minor modifications so that by the time the system was approved by the PCO we had the best possible system available. During the testing procedure we were the very first company to introduce a tracking system to the vehicle during its 10,000 mile durability test to maintain the integrity of the test procedure.

The Eco-Power system uses the best Catalytic Converter and Particulate Filter we could find. Our German supplier is considered the market leader and supplies most of the major vehicle manufacturers. This gives our product first-rate credentials as our manufacturers spend thousands of pounds on testing and selection of their products.

Our system uses a patented design exhaust recirculation system which uses the diesel fuel to cool down the exhaust gas. This has the advantage of heating the fuel slightly and making it burn more efficiently.

Because our system is very simple there is very little to go wrong. We have seen some systems which use very complicated electronic systems on an engine design which is very basic. We feel that this type of system doesn’t integrate very well and can lead to problems.

We now have over 50 garages installing the Eco-Power PCO approved system and are receiving excellent feedback from owners, drivers and garages.